Well-Connected Women.

I'm as strong as the woman next to me.

A Well-Connected Woman is more likely to succeed,

and the women in this group show up enough for themselves consistently to make it happen. 

So we're told success is all about "who you know..." which is perfect, don't get me wrong! But in 2020 it feels like my human network is actually shrinking.

Just me?!🙋🏻‍♀️

I started my first business in 2008. I triumphed over the Great Recession and kicked COVID's butt. 

And if you're wondering what the difference-maker for me is, after 12 years in business, this is it. 

In fact, if you hear ONE thing today, please hear this: 

My connections with other women made me more money, kept me sane, and nourished my soul. 

Is this you?

Have you ever said to yourself:

"I know my people are out there, but where the h*&@ are they? I can't find them anywhere!" 

Or what about this?

"I can't believe I'm ____ years old,

- working from home

- a business owner

- a new graduate

- a mom

- a mom that homeschools my kids

and I don't already have solid relationships with like-minded women!"

If so, I see you!

I see you If you are in the thick of it and raising kids

I see you if you are working 2 jobs

I see you if you've just finished school, if you're running your own business from home, or working every day at your brick and mortar 

There is no time to CONNECT.

I wanted to create a space where we could connect and learn from each other on one platform. 

So you're tired of going it alone. But the community is hard to find as an entrepreneur! If you are at your brick-and-mortar or behind your computer all day the desire to meet people is there but the time isn't! 

We all want a space to feel welcome, heard, seen, and supported! Well, you found it! This is a place to find like-minded women, cheer each other on, learn new tricks and tips, and show up for your NEW BESTIES!

It's TRUE! We're better together!  I know you’ve heard that FOREVER! But have you ever sat with a new entrepreneur friend over coffee and left feeling like you were on a HIGH? Yes? Because they GOT YOU and now you have so many new ideas and directions to go with your business! That’s what I’m talking about! We get you! We are here for you!

Creating on brand content is HARD: Monthly in-person meetups for take photos and creat fun and new content for IG!

"I'm tired of going it alone. But good community is hard to find!"

I need advice, but I don’t know who to ask: This was SO ME for the first 10 years in business. Literally, NO ONE wanted to answer any questions, it was as if they did they would be out of business themselves! Not here! ASK AWAY!

I don’t have 1000s of dollars to spend! Girl, I hear you! We don't all have the income to pay for courses on how to use Instagram, reels, email marketing, SEO.... You're in luck! Our lovely guest speakers teach us all the above and more! Let me give you the tools you need for success and stay within your budget!

This is for you if you are ready:
  • To show up to build relationships and grow your network
  • To learn new ways to have passive income
  • To find like-minded women easily and effortlessly
  • To find answers to your burning business questions
  • To create business you're proud of and love
  • To STOP wasting 50 hours figuring out the latest Instagram hacks or what your next move is... the tools are inside!
  • To network and be apart of beautiful intimate networking events!

This space was created to allow you to ask business questions, connect you with other amazing women and to capture beautiful photos ops with your products and services! 

Whoops, we just swiped your "I need advice, but I don’t know who to ask" card 😂

Yes, we've all had to carve out our own path, but to FINALLY be able to CONNECT with women that get the messy journey of taking the leap and following the path we were all destined for!


Perks, Perks, Baby 🍦❄️

  1. BI-WEEKLY GET-TO-KNOW-YOU LIVE ZOOM calls, the perfect time to meet and connect!
  2. IN-PERSON HAPPY HOURS:Monthly hour happy on tuesdays or thrusdays.

  3. CONNECTIONS-CONNECTIONS-CONNECTIONS! Drop me a note if there is someone you're looking to connect with and I can connect you or you can connect yourself!
  4. 2 MONTHLY MEETINGS: Via zoom at 9:30am the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. 
  5. INSTAGRAMMABLE MONTHLY MEET-UPS: We all need content and connections! So why not do it in a beautifully curated space! Once a month we will meet for photos and connect with new women! 
  6. THE LOVELIEST NETWORK DIRECTORY! Everyone in this group will have access to powerful women and their niches.
  7. FREE INSTA GRAPHICS and sticker downloads every month
  8. EXPERTS *FINALLY* SPILL THE TEA: Zoom call with experts in their field to teach us how to uplevel our business, SEO, Working with influencers, how to launch successfully, how to earn passive income...etc.

2 things I know for sure:

1. Nobody stays in business for 10+ years by themselves

2. Veteran business babes have support networks. YES. 

We are so 👏🏼 intentional 👏🏼  with our time together monthly. In our time together I want to

💖 Inspired you to take action,

💖  Inspired you to listen and know you aren't alone

💖 Inspired you to know you are exactly where you need to be

💖 Inspired you to meet new women and reach out to make connections

💖 Inspired to create fun content for your brand! 

We are here for you...so come on over!

Lol well, not serious ALL the time, but learning about finding your ideal audience, what you could be doing differently, and how to grow and pivot during these ever-changing times...

...and all the fun business tips!

I hate to say it, but success starts and ends with us...so, if we aren't in the right state of mind then everything falls to the side! 

Learn how to add a piece of YOU to your business!

You think business looks like: "I'm kinda guessing at this."

But it *actually* looks like: "Think I'm gonna ask for help now."

Intimate Gatherings to get to know new Pittsburgh Women! if you know me, you know I LOVE creating Instagrammable spaces for us to take photos in! Raise your hand if you desperately need content ALL. THE. TIME! Well then come on over!! Connecting and getting content is #winning in my book!

Learning how to collab like a pro, and meet new amazing women that you feel like you've known FOREVER. 

This is my secret sauce...connecting women! This is a place to ask questions and share whom you are looking to collab with! If we’re being honest 

…we’re better together!

PLEASE NOTE: I want the most decisive babes to show up first. Join before July 29th  to lock in The Loveliest Member Price of $64.99 for the lifetime of your membership. It will go up to $69.99

All your questions answered!

Do I need to have my own business to join? 

No! If you have the desire to connect with other like-minded female entrepreneurs or hope to own your own business someday this is the space for you! If you are part of a team, network marketing or own your own business! Come on over! Who's ready for genuine connections with like-minded women! ME! 

What if I can make a weekly zoom call?

No problem, they will all be recorded and you will be able to access them whenever you have time!

How long is the membership?

This is a monthly membership! You can quit anytime, but we know you'll fall in love with the women in this group and stick around! We want you to show up for yourself and for the other women in this group in order to get your business to the Next Level! Make 2021 the year you effortlessly grew your network and knowledge!

Can I sell my products in this group?

This is a space and platform where everyone is looking to grow and evolve. If you see someone is an accountant and you have money questions, message them, and ask away. 

Or if you see someone you really want to connect with and start a conversation! Do it! You never know where these connections will lead!

*Important: We don't allow promoting products but you can ask for suggestions on how to tweak or promote a product on your IG page or website. And who knows you asking a question might also get you a new customer :) Consider this more of a Mastermind of Powerful Women!

I'm shy! I SO want to join but I feel weird messaging strangers!

Aww, remember: bumping up against your discomfort is a sign of growth! You can always ask me to make a connection or you can set aside your fear and start the conversation! We're all growing and evolving together!

I'm nervous, I've been burned by women before...

First, can I just say "YOU ARE NOT ALONE!"? 

I've been there! This is a BIG reason I created this space. I know that like-minded women will flock to this membership and desire the same relationship of powerful honest and kind women! This is a space to encourage you to learn from other people's mistakes and to show up for what you want! There is no shaming, bashing, or talking about other women. We are all working so hard on our dreams that there is only time to build each other and RISE!

Well-Connected Women aren't made on accident. They're made when they decide.

Who's ready to show up as their truest selves, make friends, and learn how to grow their business!?

Can't wait to see you inside! 


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